Since I was very young , I was excited by the light. I was trying to capture the moment through the lens of my first analog camera.
I studied graphics in University of Athens Greece. I worked as a graphic designer for many years but photography was allways my passion.
I studied photography in Ravensbourne College in London. After graduating I started working with travel guids and travel magazines in UK and Netherlands.
Fashion photography came to my life after I came back to Greece.
I only work with professionals. From models, stylists and makeup artists. Professional teams brings the best results.
So far I have been working with fashion agencies, with fashion designers, creating stories and catalogues. I will keep moving forward with passion into the journey of the fashion world.
My goal is to be published in big fashion magazines, creating beautifull an interesting stories
I am very patient, but I need thinks to be done right. Time is money so we need to spent it very carefully! To be prepaired and have a plan before every shooting is very important to me. I’m very open to any requirement. My clients know that I will give all my efford to provide them the best results.